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Default Re: Anything I need to know?

Originally Posted by TheJerseyGuy View Post
I will be headed to the Surf Club in 2 days(yeah!). We've never been to Aruba and are looking forward to the trip. I just stumbled across this website and it looks to provide some good info. Is there any tips anyone has to offer?
Great choice for a vacation destination! There are reasons why Aruba has the highest repeat visitor rate in the Caribbean; first time visitors like yourself often become lifetime devotees.

That being said, how much do you already know about the island? Do you already know that the island has an extremely dry climate? The upside of that is that pretty much every day is guaranteed to offer beautiful weather. The other side of the same coin is that the scenery on the island is more like a desert than a tropical rainforest. There is still a lot to be said for the unique and rugged landscape that Aruba offers but I hope you weren't expecting Hawaii.

For specific recommendations on what to do while on Aruba, I would have to know more about you. Without knowing any more about what you like and don't like, let me offer the following suggestion. Don't plan too much ahead of time. Aruba has a wide variety of restaurants and land and sea activities. If you want to, you can account for every waking minute with pre-planned activities. But one of the great pleasures of being on vacation is being able to relax and de-stress. Leave a lot of time unaccounted for. You can fill it if you like or spend it all doing nothing at all. Either way, it's your vacation.

One more suggestion: at some point in your vacation, take an island tour. Get away from the resorts and see what Aruba really looks and feels like. You can cover the entire island in half a day and accomodations run the gamut from air-conditioned bus tours to rental cars and jeeps (and horses).

Most of all, enjoy yourself! Ask lots of questions, too. People around here love to answer questions.
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