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I Love Aruba Re: Anything I need to know?

Skip Happy Hour at the Marriott. The drinks are expensive! We only do Happy Hour there the day we check in (so we have a drink in hand as we wait to check in). Instead, go down the beach to either the Holiday Inn or Playa Linda.
Be nice to the people at the Towel Hut. They take alot of grief from vacationers.
Tip the young men who set up your beach chairs. Remember, they work in the hot sun all day and always with a smile.
Go to Champions (right next door at Marriott Ocean Club) one night for Kareoke (sp?). It's fun to watch and it seems everyone has a great time.
Most of all, just relax, and have fun. You're on vacation!! The biggest decision you'll have to make is, which of the many, many wonderful restaurants will you have dinner at tonight?

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