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Default Industry changes

As with any industry, and Timeshare is just that - changes will come when the demand for the current offerings is sated. From all that I have been able to find out, it seems as if the demand for the conventional (and what is that anymore?) timeshare offerings on Aruba are slowing down. When I think about the myriad of terms and offerings available, it amazes me that this industry hasn't collapsed a long time ago:
  • Fixed week
  • Floating week
  • Limited usage
  • Club Membership
  • Points
  • Quartershares
  • Right to use
  • Deeded
  • Samplers
  • maintenance
  • maintenance week
  • check in taxes
  • internal exchange
  • exchange company
  • fly-buy
  • unit week banking with exchange company
  • Seasonality
  • High
  • Swing
  • Low
  • Lock-out
  • How could I forget CHIKI - HUTS
  • And on and on and on and on.....
It is posible to meet someone on Aruba and ask where they are staying, and receive the following response: (this is just a fun example)

We have a swing floating unit in Omaha and are here via II on a banked week combined with a fly-buy as long as we go to a presentation to see about a two/one lockout where we can make use of a rental pool for the single side and use the double for the family.

I could be way off base, but I believe that someday someone is going to come along and simplify all of this and make a timeshare vacation wnat it should be SIMPLE

Do I love timeshare? Yes
Do I love how we confuse things? No
Do I think that a simpler product would be well accepted? Absolutely
Did anyone ask me for my opinion? Nope

be well
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