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Default Re: Industry changes

After many trips we had tough criteria for buying. We needed a beachfront two bedroom that was deeded and it had to be a bargain. We wanted to be sure to have a guaranteed vacation after retirement where we could control some costs, as opposed to the all-inclusives we usually do. The resort needed a good reputation and had to be low-rise. Last spring, I found a private sale at CDM that met all of our requirements, including the right week.(28) We banked that week with CDM and will be getting a two week stay this year.(Weeks 27 and 28) We don't really care about trading, but I suppose we could someday. The industry gets a bad name from the shady operators out there.You need to do your homework and remember you do not have all the legal protections you have at home. in some countries, it is really much worse.

"Vacation is what you make of it, what you take from it and what you leave behind."
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