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Default Re: Owners Association

89, you own at the mill, correct? i just wanted to make sure people knew that so they could give you answers. here is a link to some info... The Mill Resort Aruba Time Share
i would suggest contacting management to ask them if no one here knows the answer.

Originally Posted by 89checkmate22 View Post
When we purchased our Aruba timeshare we were informed that, as an owner, we were a member of the resort timeshare owners association. Nine years later, we have still not been advised of any association meetings nor any association actions. I suspect that this "association" is in name only and that it "exists" more for prohibitions than for benefits. To explain prohibitions, a few years ago the resort was going to do some remodeling and I asked if I could bid on some of the products they would be purchasing. I was informed by the owners that as a member of the timeshare owners association I could not, because of potential conflict of interest.
Does anyone out there belong to an active timeshare owners association? If so, does the association have a charter, constitution, by-laws? Would you be able to share a copy with me?
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