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I Love Aruba Re: Owners Association

Sherry, you are correct, we do own at the Mill. Charlie, you are wrong, I am not upset at not being able to bid; I merely gave that statement to show how I finally discovered that there was an owners association.
We just returned from 2 weeks at the Mill and for the first time were disappointed with our vacation. The Mill was practically empty, it appeared that they were operating with an almost skeleton staff therefore it was nowhere near as clean as in past years (especially around the pool and in the rooms), there were no activities, and they have virtually killed Happy Hour. During the middle weekend there were several unsupervised kids in the pool behaving exceptionally badly and noone seemed to care.
We did spend time discussing these issues with certain members of management, but the general manager (Ms Ras) chose to be conspicuously inconspicuous.
As far as contacting the resort owners, we were informed that Edmond JR is no longer involved with the resort, his two younger brothers want nothing to do with it, and Edmond SR does not make himself available for issues of this type.
We were also informed that we are not the first timeshare owners who have complained about the way the resort is being managed, but those complaints (just like ours) have fallen upon deaf management ears who think that the problems are merely a function of a weak economy.
With the direction the resort appears to be heading, I am mainly concerned about my investment, as I am sure other timeshare owners are. I have requested from the resort a listing of email addresses of other timeshare owners in an attempt to get an association started with the hope of getting somebody's attention. So far I have not received that listing....but I'm still hopeful.
It also goes without saying that most of the employees at the resort are not happy with the way things are going, but they are being ignored too.
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