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Default Re: Riu Just Keeps Getting Worse

Unfortunately I think they are doing this on purpose to try to push us out.
I believe legally they can't so maybe they figure if they make the conditions so bad we'll all just stop coming.

I have 20 weeks on 1 unit and 26 on another. I have no intention of giving them up. I don't use the facilities other than the beach and the room to sleep in. I won't eat or drink there, I'd rather spend my money in the local establishments.

I'm not sure if calling the tourism department is the correct route, I don't believe they are a member of AHATA so there is little they can do.
There must be some government office or department that handles conditions of rooms etc. Maybe someone else on the board can advise who we can contact.

I know Jon Kirshner who heads up our timeshare network has been looking into several complaints and might be of some help.

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