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Default Re: Riu Just Keeps Getting Worse

Michael-glad you posted again and are reconsidering your decision. I refuse to let Richard/Riu win. If I have a problem with the unit I start with hosekeeping/maintenance,Jelishka and when necessary Richard.
My biggest complaint is the sofa. If that would be replaced I would be happy. Not all units need all things. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done and the units would not be in the condition they are in.
I will give an example. I have a unit on the 5th floor. The microwave broke-it was taken off the wall and a small counter one was put in. Not a big deal-it is big enough for what I do BUT thye left the bracket on the wall-this was 2 yrs. ago. Please-put in a wall unit or take the bracket down and paint the wall. General every day maintenance is not being done and it was not done when it was the AG! JMHO>
One of the comments that you posted really bothered my husband and I-- We ONLY pay maint. we are there cheap??? Excuse me- What about the cost of the unit!
Sorry-done venting.
Thanks again for your 2nd post-
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