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Default Re: Riu Just Keeps Getting Worse

We have room 568, last year the carpet was so dirty we wouldn't walk on it barefoot. We mentioned it but didn't make a big deal of it. The person in the unit after us did and she was moved so they could clean it. When we left after week 45 Jelishka said it was being replaced but I don't know if it was.

We always ask housekeeping for extra sheets and we cover the sofas and use towels on the chairs. Even if they can't replace them all they should at least have them cleaned. Even in our other unit, 362, same conditions.

Richards comment about our only cost being our maintenace fee is funny, guess he thinks we all got our units for free. Wonder where/who all that money went to?

I do have to say everytime I speak to him in person he has been friendly and accomodating. I did send him an email after last years stay about the carpeting but never rec'd a response. I wasn't surprised, he doesn't like to deal with anything negative.

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