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Default Re: Comparing Vacations in Aruba and New Orleans

Hi ArubaMary: Glad you enjoyed the trip report. Since you have been to New Orleans, you know it is a great place to visit. You were lucky, as a teacher, to have the opportunity to travel there as well as to other cities and see what they all had to offer. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I felt like that several times years ago, but unfortunately I can't blame it on the food.

Since posting that trip report, I spent a week at a timeshare in Las Vegas and am leaving tomorrow for a week at the Marriott's Ocean Pointe in West Palm Beach, Florida. When I return, I will post another trip report combining both trips. Don't have much to say about Vegas except that I didn't win, (notice that I didn't say I lost as no one likes a whiner) but hopefully I will have more to say about the Florida trip assuming the weather cooperates.

I am looking forward to my Aruba trip in August. I will be traveling there alone, but my son and his family will be arriving a day later and staying in a different timeshare. In December I will be returning to Aruba for 2 weeks staying at the Marriott Surf Club with my friend. Got a good timeshare exchange there that I couldn't pass up. Hope you have a great summer.
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