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One Happy Island Re: Anything I need to know?

hi candee, i hope that both you and jersy guy respond back. i haven't been on here in a few months.

regarding the surf club, the place is simply a lot of fun, and there is security, both uniformed and otherwise all over the place. "an ounce of prevention". the beach is very nice, and is is a nice stroll in either direction on that white sand.

reserving palapas, (huts) or shades, can be a little confusing when you first get there, so check that out if you are so inclined. there are several free, both on the beach and near the pool i believe they all are.

the accomodations are outstanding, and housekeeping does a nice job readying your villa, so take good care of them when you check out. they work very hard.

the towel situation could cost you a few bucks if you are careless about retrieving your towels. you are allotted eight for a two bedroom, and you can trade them in pretty much once a day, but we did wash some in the vills sometimes when we were over quota for the day. they'll let you know. just don't lose the towels, as they keep close tabs.

the pool is a real treat. the lazy river is a vacation in iteslf. if you have a crew of kids, they will love it, as well as the adults and seniors too. ti's great.

the staff is always responsive, and the grounds are spotless except for one huge blemish. this is a real sore spot for me. there are adequate grills around the property, adn the work well, once you figure out the lighting of them. can be tricky. the areas directly around the grills looks grungy and dirty. it is truly a shame that they dont maintain the grilling equpiment better. it is cleaned every day, but there are parts missing here and there, and the environment aroung the grills is lousy. i have complained twice, and we will be back in march to see if they did anything.

i would love to hear what you have to say about that particular part. one would think that the part of the resort that folks would be bringing and preparing their food would be spotless like the rest of the resort.

if you are a snorkeler, go to baby beach. so much fun. there are several places to snorkel, but this is protected and just lovely.

if you have not yet made your plane reservations, think about arriving a couple days early and staying at the rennaissance for 2 nights at least, we do three. you have access to their private island and i tell you it is a breathtaking place to spend a whole day. there is food there, and drinks, and if you don't make it too obvious, you can bring a small cooler. it's hard to describe how pretty and peaceful it is there, but i guarantee you will be smiling as you approach the dock, and your face will hurt from smile and happy when you leave, and you will be truly unwound. they pick you up at a dock in the hotel lobby, or outside, and several times an hour so you can stay as long, or go back whenever. a must.

fall in love with aruba. enjoy. i hope you let us all know how you love it when you come back. and i want to know where you eat. the restaurants are outstanding, and so many. very diverse.
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