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Default Re: Anything I need to know?

we'll be at the rennaissance from the 11th to the 14th, ( have to chill at their island for a couple days) then to the surf club for a week, and the night of the 21st we will be staying somewhere, not sure where yet. my son has a friend he worked with in washington, who lives on the island now, really nice new house too. we may stay with him, or just a hotel for one night. extra night at the surf club is well over 400 bucks. i normally wouldn't care about the price for one night, but hey, we are owners, and they could cut a little slack. so we will stay elsewhere. we are staying the extra night as it is aboiut 250 bucks cheaper, each, to fly out on monday the 22nd, as opposed to sunday.

we are in spencerport, just west of rochester. have always been in the rochester area. retired as a cop in 2000, now building numerous kitchens and baths, windows and a bunch of other stuff. i own a company here called the adirondack design company. you might have heard of it, maybe not. i don't get to syracuse too often, but we're doing a lot.

was in syracuse a few weeks ago for a wedding. a place i think called minola? reception and overnight at the doubletree, was nice. used to work for an investigative company in east syracuse right after i retired, called amric. only did that a short time.
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