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Default Re: Anything I need to know?

we've never been to the natural pool, but i know the terrain is treacherous, but fun!!!

have you been to the donkey sanctuary?? what a scream. take a bag of cut up apples, and hang out fore a few hours. if you have kids with you, they will love it. you can brush and pet them, there are big and small ones. it's kinda neat. run by volunteers.

if you get a chance, you should try cook's restaurant. i have not eaten there but several on this forum have, and love both the food and the atmosphere. i stopped in this spring to see the owner and help him figure out some logistical problems with installing an elevator, and was very impressed by this place. i can't wait to eat there.

i don't know how many of you there are, but we have eaten at madame janette, and papiamento, both pricey, butvery nice, and worth the memories once a trip. outstanding service too. we tried a place called casa tua, what a great and pleasant surprise. thought it would be a pixxa joint, but way more, very cool, but a long steep stairway to the second floor to the dining room, in case you travel with older folks or disabled but ver rerasonable and very nice. we went to paseo di herencia near the hyatt, holiday inn area, near the surf club kinda. very cool spot to walk around, and they have a great churrascario there, texas de brazil. go hungry.

when in march are you going? it would be kinda neat to run into someone from pasty white upstate new york. at least this year with all the rain and so little sun. my wife and i usually travel with our 2 adult kids, twetysomethings, and a girlfriend, and my folks who are 75 and 82. wish we had grandchildren to bring. someday.

make sure you get the visit aruba card when you go. lots of discounts, and the paddock gives out a free t-shirt. paddock has amstel bright, good beer. kinda of an outside beer dive, but good bar food. great location, across from the rennaissance. a little swim, a few munchies and a beer, a little hot tub, and a few more beers and more bar food. life is rough there. then, finally down to the marriott and off to the lazy river. ahhhhhhhhh.
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