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Default Re: Anything I need to know?

haven't been to charlie's but should stop in.

baby beach is wonderful. little trailer there with so so beach food, just something to keep you going. the snorkeling there is way cool. bring a few bucks to rent a little tent and a few chairs. it's worth it if you want to spend more than a couple hours there. the sun will do you in. arashi beach, up near the light house is nice too, a little less crowded, and a lot of huts that are open to the public for shade. folks are willing to sheare, they are wide open and large.

cooks is a few minute from the rennaissance, on the back street, on a corner. go to, and look at the menu, and you can make reservations. directions are there too. the owner, known to us as ommi, is a super guy, and has great depth of chefs in the kitchen. the new menu looks outstanding, and i can't wait to try it all. he has family history with the building, and is putting big bucks and a lot of effort into making it even more awesome. i think he is planning on being there for a long time. there is a thread in the restaurant section called cooks restaurant too. looks like we'll be there at the same time. i hope our crews get to hook up and say hi. when it gets closer, we could make some arrangements i'm sure. we don't run on any tight schedule so it would be fun i'm sure. ok, well, another dry day, off to stain the deck, seeya.
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