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Originally Posted by seashelldiver View Post
Sherry.....The move I move around the new site the better I like it.....everything looks incredible and up to date !!! Very classy site changes

Drop me an email sometime, I miss hearing about you, Murray and that incredibly talented photographer daughter of far so good, my GM badge let me into work's a day by day thing, you hold your breath and swipe the ID badge and pray you here the buzz and the green light.....LOL
Holy crap! You mean the way they let you know youve lost your job is to cancel your id card? I thought an email was bad, but that is rediculous. Whats this country coming to. Government bailouts of banks and screw the middle class. Now they want to force you to buy health insurance with 13% of your gross income whether you want it or not. Get real. No one can afford to pay that amount of their gross income for health insurance.
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