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Default scam warnings

i know that by now everyone thinks i'm paranoid because i warn about spams, scams, credit card theft, id theft, burglaries and the rest. however, i still have to hack away at it because i care.

it came to my attention via some friends that they have been receiving very tempting emails. they go along the line of this one :

I saw your nice profile id at ***** and something motivated me to communicate with you'i found you worthy of acceptance and godly;My Dear in your usual time may it pleases you to write me back in email address,So that i can send you my pictures and also tell you more about myself . A friendship is the foundation build on other relative things to come.May God bless you as i wait impatiently to hear from you. Your lonely friend

that along with those that are hacking accounts and sending off emails to everyone on peoples' mailing lists saying thing like:

hi *** i am *** and as you know i'm on vacation in ***. everything i own was stolen and i am without money, clothes and identification....

these people are scammers not spammers. they find out your email by hacking or by the carelessness of all of us and will do anything to get your money and the rest. they pretend to be your friend or pretend to want to be your friend and people bite because in one case, the person sounds so damned nice and in the other they add in little pieces of information they hacked out of your friend's emails so they can mention things like a family name or an illness someone is suffering that makes you sure they are your friend.

i have mentioned before that places like facebook are rampant with these people. they have several ways in. as an example, you play facebook games. your information is now stored and shared with anyone who will pay for it. facebook openly warns you that signing up with these things will make your info public.

now, think about this... look at the first letter in red above. these people go in, click on your name, and if you allow members to send emails to you, these people have their opening. if you advertise your timeshare anywhere on any site and post your contact email, you have given them an opening.

so, i am going to recommend what i have in the past. go to your 'user cp' and then go to 'edit options'. 'uncheck receive email from other members'. leave a check mark in the box 'receive email from administrators'. we do send emails on very rare occasions and never release or sell your email addresses.

i will also suggest that no one ever again use their email address as their screen name on any site. nor should you ever post your address for anything. most quality sites have private messaging. use that for contact until you totally know and trust a person.

please heed this warning. i have several friends now who have gone thru hell including having their on line banking info stolen.

thanks for reading this!
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