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Default Re: **Amadeus...A new restaurant - and our new favorite!!

Holy Cow!!

This is an amazing restaurant. We've only been in Aruba for one week and we've already eaten at Amadeus twice! What a wonderful experience all the way around! Great food, incredible service, and outstanding value.

Taking the advice of Arubaariba we asked a sales associate at the Surf Club about Amadeus and it turns out his dad is friends with Thomas the owner/chef. He was kind enough to make the reservations for us.

I had the potato/leek/bacon soup as an appetizer and it was truly the best soup I'd ever eaten. That was followed by the wienerschnitzel with mushroom sauce. I ordered the deep dish apple pie, but soon found out it had raisins in it and I'm not a fan of those little freaks of nature, so it wasn't my favorite pie! (on the second trip, I had ice cream!!)

On our second visit (in the same week) we took an even larger group and I tried the goulash instead of the potato/leek/bacon soup. It was amazing and there was a lot of meat in the soup. After eating that, I had a hard time eating the full rack of West Indies ribs that I ordered! The meat really does fall of the bone and the taste is wonderful. One of our posse members is a six year old girl who ate the entire rack of ribs in about ten minutes. I've never seen rib bones that clean!!!

Thomas is working really hard to establish his business and I hope that everyone will take the time to visit his restaurant. It is by far one of the best dining values in Aruba. I'll certainly be back to Amadeus on all subsequent trips to the island.

Thanks to Thomas and Marc and the Amadeus team for an outstanding experience (two times) and incredible food. You guys rock!!

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