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Default Re: Gari & Wasabi Caribbean Japanese Fusion & Sushi wants to hear from you!!!

hi g&w and welcome. btw, it's normally my job to put up restaurant polls but you did it well so we will keep it, hahahaha.

one question for you. most japanese foods are made with ginger as an ingredient. i am deathly allergic to only one thing in this world and it is ginger. can you make some of your meals without ginger in them or does it ruin the flavoring to be without?

Originally Posted by Gari&wasabi View Post
We are a NEW & Stylish Sushi Restaurant and Lounge that embraces the flavors of traditional Japan combined with the eclectic of the Caribbean…..Your not so Typical East Meet West.
Set in a Sleek and Modern Atmosphere with aromas of Japan permeating in the air, and delectable cocktails we define the meaning of “Sushi Lifestyle” in Aruba.
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