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Question Re: a new note to those renting units

Originally Posted by sherry View Post
recently we had what i consider a thief on our board. this person was finding prime timeshare rentals on timeshare forums and offering them, as if they were their own property, for rent on ours and possibly other aruba forums. .

Hello Sherry,

I have P B V week(s) I'd like to rent and worry of scam mentioned above. I have posted this rental on Multiply but would like to reach a little further then just the P B V choir.
To ' CYA ', I think P B V should begin asking for the ' Contract ' numbers prior to issuing a ' Confirmation '.
I have never needed to provide those numbers before but maybe it's time to start.

Having been a victim of the ' John + Irwin ' scam, you can't take enough precaution ... on that note, I'm still waiting for the ' P B V Stockholder ' scam to show its first dividend ... do you think I should stop holding my breath ?

I don't see the ' Rentals ' button on the Forum list ... where shall I post it ?

Weeks 9, 10 + 11 - P B V - 2 bdrm., poolside, Sat. to Sat. ( week 12 is taken)

Thank You,

Bob J
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