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Default Re: a new note to those renting units

hi bob,

the place to post is Aruba Timeshare for Rent - Aruba Forums at Visit Aruba

we are hoping to revamp the rentals so they are directly in the specific timeshare forum by the end of the year but no promises since at holiday time we are always short staffed at the office.

you are exactly right about each timeshare confirming by asking contract numbers. you also can 'cya' by contacting the timeshare itself to verify that the person you are talking to is actually the owner. if you use phone contact before the rental, google the phone number. there are many ways to protect yourself. we just still all tend to believe in the tooth fairy and santa claus.

also, never post your email. do your rental via private messages on whatever forum you find a renter until you are far enough into the process to trust them with your private information. i am now up to a dozen or more friends who have been hacked thru simple mistakes that none of us would think of.

good luck on your rentals.

Originally Posted by Intolerantbobj View Post
Hello Sherry,

I have P B V week(s) I'd like to rent and worry of scam mentioned above. I have posted this rental on Multiply but would like to reach a little further then just the P B V choir.
To ' CYA ', I think P B V should begin asking for the ' Contract ' numbers prior to issuing a ' Confirmation '.
I have never needed to provide those numbers before but maybe it's time to start.

Having been a victim of the ' John + Irwin ' scam, you can't take enough precaution ... on that note, I'm still waiting for the ' P B V Stockholder ' scam to show its first dividend ... do you think I should stop holding my breath ?

I don't see the ' Rentals ' button on the Forum list ... where shall I post it ?

Weeks 9, 10 + 11 - P B V - 2 bdrm., poolside, Sat. to Sat. ( week 12 is taken)

Thank You,

Bob J
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