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Default Re: a new note to those renting units

bob, we would love to see those articles.

i agree, although my time there didn't start until 1989, that things have changed and tourism has affected the people as much negatively as it has positively. but i suppose that is true anywhere that needs a future because their past or present isn't operating up to par. survival is not always pretty, is it? just look back at our own cities in those same days and compare to now. it's enough to make you cry.

Originally Posted by Intolerantbobj View Post
Hello R,

Until this year we've rented to only friends or folks recommended by friends, and they usually just send me a check and I then forward the confirmation.
I did rent one week this year to a fellow whom I have never met, but everything has gone well and I hope he and his family enjoy the extra time they'll have at sunny Aruba. I did the same for him and he seemed pleased.

I was telling Dennis ( this site I believe ? ) about some Aruba Newspapers that I have saved .. mid + late 1970's ... I'm going to get the ' Puter Genius ' ( my youngest son ) to scan some of the photo's and stories and I'll post them here if it's okay ... talk about changes, wow !

Long before P B V or the Mega Joint beside us or Costa I told Aruban friends .. ' slam the brakes on this or you won't own your island any longer ' .. and now, well they no longer own their island .. their home.

I think back to the ' people ' I encountered when Aruba was a ' cute , quiet, crime-free, little island ' .. do I miss those friendly, outgoing people ... I wish they had taken the Bull-by-the-Horns, and I think they wish they had too.
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