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Default Re: Need the name of a doctor in Aruba

Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. First let me say it is not for myself, but someone else. She got the stitches in the states and they should come out on Tuesday. The other problem is we are not staying at a hotel (that would be a no brainer). We are staying at Wacamaya Village (condo units). Another guest asked me if I knew the name of a doctor and since I don't, I thought of asking the question on the bulletin boards. Awhile ago there was the name and phone # of a local doctor who many folks thought was very good. I was hoping to get that drs. name for her. When some of the condo owners come back from wherever they are for the day, she's going to ask one of them. Again, thanks for the replies. After reading this long message, if someone else knows of a doctor they would recommend, please feel free to let me know.
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