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Default Re: Staying at Aruba Beach Chalet(Savaneta)

i am sure you will get replies to location and the chalet but i can certainly answer the traffic questions and distance.

first, it is a small island. with a car, nothing is more than about 15 minutes from town and savaneta is less than that unless you get lost, lol. so you are all clear on distance.

traffic is simple. learn the road signs Aruba Traffic Rules And Signs - . obey the rules. beware of tourists that didn't bother to learn the road signs because they drive like fools at home. remember that tourists drink on vacations and they forget that there is a jail on the island. remember that locals drink on friday and saturday nights and forget there is a jail on the island. remember that speed limits are just numbers and tourists and locals both tend to forget the rules. in other words, it is like driving baltimore, dc, ny, boston, chicago, etc. drive defensively. the new government leaders are cracking down on many of the traffic failures so hopefully things will change. oh and yes, there can be traffic jams but mostly in town so unless you get there during an election rally (as we did last august) you will still get thru town within 15 minutes.

when will you be arriving on aruba?

Originally Posted by drfisher View Post
We just booked at this lovely little chalet just outside town right on the water in the town of Savaneta and wonder if anyone can tell us anything about it.
Aruba Beach Chalet is the name. very little info on it anywhere.
We have not been able to find anything on trip advisor or any reviews.

We booked it with Homeaway and it seems very nice but wonder if anyone knows anything about it.
IE: how far from town , area it is in, is it actually there ? LOL!

We chose to stay away from the High Rise as we love nature and wish to explore the island with our kids.
Plus the cost for a family made the High rises out of reach for us.

We are very excited and do not want to miss anything or STAY in the wrong area,if there is such in Aruba.

Any advice very welcome.
Also I hear the driving can be an experience. Can it be that bad, worse than a major City at rush hour (I do that everyday)

Thanks in advance.
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