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Default Re: So now we want to move there!

hahahaha... sorry, i love it! you are truly an addict, lol.

now let's get down to the important stuff. moving to aruba is a possibility but not as easy as you would think.

i am sure that others who live there will pipe in on this but there are several things you need to understand. you need to have a job skill that is needed on the island and can't be filled by locals. aruba is wise in that it welcomes newcomers but the population of citizens comes first for the job market.

if you come to aruba without a job, you need to prove a minimum of $50,000 usd yearly income so that you are self sustaining and not a burden on the island.

so, you need to either have a job or an income to move and then it takes several years to gain resident status. the cost of living on aruba is not low. it is comparative to the states (yours and ours) so you are not going to a country where your income will stretch more.

the other way to go is to start a business. however, you need an aruban involved in that also so you need some sort of sponsorship.

finally, although i really want to see you achieve your dream, i really would suggest that you visit the island several times. get the 'lay of the land' for the job market and the restrictions that you will have. you are limited with that small amount of capital so you need a job or a business.

i know i am putting a damper on your dreams and i apologize but better that reality hits now so you can try to figure a way to achieve the dream and not go blindly into it not knowing the problems.

Originally Posted by surlee View Post
We think we could pull it off if a few things fell into place.

A little background info first.
We are both mid 30s, have always had fairly good jobs.
We own outright a property in a high demand cottage area in Canada.
Also have a nice condo on the waterfront in Toronto (the bank still owns a good % of this).

For us to move, we would need to sell both, settle up the bills leaving us with $80000-$100000 US. From the property searches I've done, we realize only a very modest house could be bought outright, but that's at least a foot in the door.

The big issue is employment.
I've worked fifteen years in the marine industry. I was a tugboat captain for ten years until last March when a new opportunity to work on a ferry, 500 feet from my home, came up.
To me, this seems like a good work history for someone seeking employment on an island, but I don't know how to proceed.

Wendy has been in offices all her life, the past few being an import manager, ensuring all steps from the purchase to the final delivery of products goes as smoothly as possible between China and all of Canada.
Again, this seems like a valuable asset to an island which is completely dependent on containerized delivery of nearly all goods.

Now the questions.

Is it too much of a pipe dream to think we can get approved (the proper government papers) to work in Aruba?

Does anyone have any contacts in either of the two fields, who might be looking for employees?

Are there any good resources for finding employment on Aruba?

Are we going about this the right way or is there a better way to find ourselves living and working on the island?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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