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Default Re: Not all change is for the better!!

I remember reading posts that the beach was dredged last year. When we visited in the summer, the water in front of the new palapas was somewhat seaweed-free. However, as we noticed over the course of two weeks, the seaweed returned and the water between the two jettys became very murky. Clearly, the current continues to bring the seaweed in.

Also, the problem is not rocks as one poster had mentioned, but a lack of sand. My guess is that there is a layer of coral/rock along the shoreline that becomes exposed as the sand recedes. It seems like the current actually drives the sand towards the RIU, as the sand below the waterline at that beach was very soft.

As for the French Market, what is now going to be done with the building where the market used to be? Clearly, Divi was trying to put the lobby and market in the center of their new complex, but I have to wonder if the old building will now become another restaurant or a retail store. Might be a good question to ask Doug Kuhn.
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