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Default Re: Not all change is for the better!!

Wow - not to take away from your opinion but I have to say that we love the "new" Phoenix. We were there for two weeks in october (and we happily upgraded to one of the new buildings). Maybe it was the time of year but the palapas were plentiful and the beach area was still beautiful with plenty of quiet spots to relax. We too did not bother with the new area of beach as there was plenty of space in front of the old section.
We thought the new Purebeach restaurant and bar was fantastic - although the food a bit pricey. Their happy hours were great with 1/2 price drinks versus 2 for 1.

They had not moved the French Deli at that time and the new lobby was being worked on but we were thrilled with the new pool area and all the improvements and figured they were putting our maintenance fees to good use.
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