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Default Various Restaurants

Okay, I'm not one for keeping notes on who ate what, descriptions of the food presentation or total tabs for the evening. So this is just opinions on the food & service at the restaurants we enjoyed during the month of January. There are not a lot as over the years we find ourselves wanting less & less to have to worry about getting our lazy selves off the beach at a specific time to make it to a specific place at a specific time and also being that we're there for 4 weeks eating a big dinner out every night gets old fast!

Matthew's at Casa del Mar - Since this is where we stay we find it so convenient to just order take out and bring it back to our patio. We also asked for the lunch menu and ordered off of that for dinner because we weren't always in the mood for a heavy meal and besides which their sandwiches are soooooooo packed full of good stuff and their soups are scrumptious. Thier clam chowder and tomato soups are to die for. And their Chef's Salad is the best. So we did this probably twice a week. Enjoyed it every time. We also had them cater our yearly get together for 18 people which we have outside one of our friends units that happens to be on the side facing the Divi and thus a grassy area. It's like having a picnic in your back yard. They did a fabulous job setting up chafing dishes on our friends patio (maintenance set up tables & chairs) and in the chafing dishes they gave us tons of ribs, chicken, hot dogs, corn on the cob, cole slaw & baked beans (oh my god the baked beans were wonderful even tho they hadn't made them before and winged it), plus provided all the plates and knives forks & spoons (plastic).

Mamdame Janette - Went here twice and enjoyed it both times. Eight of us the first visit and four us the second trip. What I had the first night escapes me at the moment but the second trip I had one of the specials which was a pork chop that they refer to as the Kobe of pork. So thick, so tasty and in a special sauce. Our appetizers varied but everyone enjoyed what they had. Service outstanding both trips.

Yemanja Grill - Another double header as the food is so good. Had grouper filled with boursin cheese the first night and the tenderloin the second. Again varied appetizers and all good. Food was outstanding both trips, service rather slow the second time around. Damn freezing cold inside though if you happen to be seated where the airco blows on you, outside seating is an option too, next time we'll try that.

Elioti's - Another double header. Had stuffed crepes the first visit and pan fried grouper the second time. Both food & service very good. But another place the airco kept me wishing I'd had a sweater.

Suisse Chalet - Outstanding this trip for both food & service. I had grouper (I'm really into the grouper while on the island). Others in our group had the same as me and others beef stroganoff and one had a mixed seafood dish. Everyone left there happy.

French Steak House - Grouper again for me! Various meals ordered by our party of 8 and everyone enjoyed their meal & appreciated the good service. Enough so that we wanted to make a return visit but somehow never got around to it.

Smokey Joe's - First night 10 of us. I had, guess what, grouper. Fabulous. Others also had the grouper and some had the ribs. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Second trip 4 of us. We all had the ribs, they were wonderful and we had the sweetest funniest waitress of all time. It was worth the trip to have her serve us even if the ribs hadn't been good, she had us laughing our butts off!

Tony Roma's. This used to be our annual first night stop. Egads did this place go downhill. Never again. Enuf said!

That's all I can remember. Had I known I'd be doing restaurant reviews I'd have kept better notes but hope this helps some of you to make decisions about where to eat!
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