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Default Re: New taxi fares as of september 2009

lobe, that is terrible. what i would suggest is that if any driver does that and you hear about it, see if you can find out the taxi number and make sure they are reported. if they charge the wrong amount or do any of the things you said they can lose their licenses and to me that sounds like a good thing to have happen.

Originally Posted by lobe View Post
The taxis used to be nice and the drivers polite. The prices were well-known and posted. There was no tipping, as locals never tipped. Then, about ten years ago things started changing -- now they put two couples together, charge each one the full fare (or more), have dirty cars and expect to be tipped. We've even had our concierge pull us out of a waiting cab when the driver seemed unusally surly. That's why we now rent a car for the week.
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