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Default Re: DC/Baltimore snow

bob, as you know, maine coons have that big 'm' over their eyes. well he has a gigantic 'm' there. however, he is small for a maine coon. i would say he weighs in at about 10-12 lb now and is a year old. he's my aruba kitty. my other cat is also part maine coon and he weighs in at 26.5 lb. i must say that little pixie is the most amazing kitty that ever owned us.

Originally Posted by arubabob View Post
What kind of cat is that? It looks like a maine coon cat I used to have. He was my favorite cat. I rescued him from a dumpster behind a restaurant in Tulsa. He weighed about 5 pounds and you could count his ribs. I had him for 10 years before he died. No way to know how old he was. He was mature when I found him. He got cancer of the tongue. He weighed 26 pounds just before he got the cancer.
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