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I Love Aruba Re: Not all change is for the better!!

Just a note here, but all of the new palapas in front of Pure Beach and along the new beach were occupied while we were there all week. Not too many people were in the water in the new section. It was very crowded Feb 6-13.

The new pool was packed. Sometimes you couldn't even get a chair. When we wanted quiet time to read, we went to the old pool. No one was there.

The music at Pure Beach was mellow most of the time. It gets louder as the afternoon goes by. The swim up bar was very busy. So was the restaurant. Once the music was kind of loud early in the morning, and my husband asked them to put on a quieter tape which the bartender did.

With 102 rooms in the old section and now 140 new units in the new section, it stands to reason that the beach will be a lot more crowded since it didn't get any bigger and the population more than doubled. There is just not enough usable beach.

It's a definitely a much more active resort than it once was.
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