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Originally Posted by Horseshoe View Post
Perhaps, the "Forum Member," who had such a bad experience in both service and food at MJ's, may have just picked an "off-day," though I agree there really should not be such.

In contrast, reading other reviews, some people were very pleased with all the above. I would venture to say that one needs to try him/or/herself and make a judgment based on their visit.

I have not gone there to MJ's; though I have been to "Paradise," aka "One Happy Island" many times; but have plans to try as many restaurant's as I can.

I do, however, love and recommend the spare ribs at "Tony Romo's." On my visit, they were plenty; tender, and delicious, a value for the money. Just an opinion, of course.

I agree that each person should make their own judgement based on their own experience. I personally have never ever had a bad experience at MJ's. I can't even count how many times we've been there. It's one of those places we have to go to at least 1 or 2 times a week, with a few friends, or just with hubby Frank. We always have a great time. Besides the great food, ambiance, staff (a few of which we actually count as friends), etc., they make a great martiniarty:arty:
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