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Default Re: scam warnings

i wonder which she considers worse-being deaf of single, lol. not something you would normally see bunched together, lol.

unfortunately, the reason people do that type of email is that others really do respond. scary, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
You mean something like this?

Good day, Am Mary Grant, 29years old ,native of Scranton Pennsylvania, am
deaf and single,which i will like to meet you to be a friend (or lifelong
partner) - In that order.Am very sorry for disturbing you... My nature is to
care, provide and treat everything in my life with love respect and dignity;
I am happy person. I would be interested in meeting You. I am so sorry for
disturbing you ,please can will have some chat.. I think i am not rude with
my words .. . I think i will stop right here until we meet.

Best regards ..

Why in heavens name would I ever respond to something like this? I would surely hope someone from pennsylvania had a bit better knowledge of the english language. I really don't understand people who do.

But then again, maybe I am missing out on millions because of all those e-mails that I marked as spam...
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