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I ate at Amadeus twice... and, thought it was wonderful as did the others I was with. The first time I had the grouper, and the second time the weiner schnitzel, and don't have a complaint about either meal. I also had the escargot which was made differently, and very good! The first visit we ate on the first floor, and the second, upstairs. We felt badly for the waitstaff having to run up and down the steps, but they joked about how they didn't mind, and how it kept them in shape.

Both nights, the staff was extremely attentive. In fact, I ordered a sea breeze and when the bill came saw that they charged $9.50... and broke down the bill as to the vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Before I even had a chance to question it, the waitress came back to tell me that it was a mistake, and gave me a new check charging me $6.50 for my drink. The first night there were four of us requesting three separate checks, and the second night... three of us requesting two checks which we got with no issues.

There's no smoking until 10 PM, and I assume by that time, it's more a bar crowd then an eating crowd.
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