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Default Re: renovations assessment

Yeah, we all got our assessment letter. Funny they didn't mention THAT at the member's meeting. I did have a chance to go into the model unit, and it is nice. It's not my style - a little modern for me - but it was very nice. There were a few issues - well one major one. The door on the microwave doesn't clear the wall - so you couldn't open it more than about a 1/3 of the way or else you scraped part of the wall off. You could see chunks of wall on the stove. Hopefully they don't make that mistake in all the rooms, but well let's just say Divi doesn't have the best reputation for fixing things right. The people staying in there were nice enough to let us come in as we were staying a couple of rooms down. We weren't in there very long, but it was pretty nicely done. Full table, large sink, beautiful counters, new patio furniture, sliding glass doors on the closet. Like I said, not my style, but nice and new. Long overdue.
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