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Default Bad Night at Wacky Wahoo:(

This is our 6th trip to Aruba and our 1st time to Wacky Wahoo. We tried to go last year on a Sunday and just never ended up getting back. After reading all of the positive reviews, I really wanted to go a few times during our 2 week stay this year. So here is a rundown of our evening.
We had 6:30 reservations and arrived and were seated promptly. I asked about a kids menu and they said that kids order off the regular menu and pay half price for half portion. One of my boys ordered
Wahoo Aruban Style
My other son ordered
Fish Soup
My husband ordered Grilled Wahoo
I ordered Mixed Jerk Grill
I noticed the prices are significantly higher than what is advertised on the website. Fish of Day is now over 20 and was $16, Jerk Grill was $17.50 and is now $22.50
My husband and I just had water and the kids each had a diet coke.
(This isn't what made the night bad!)
The garlic bread was good and the waiter brought a second basket before we had finished the first. Everyone was extremely friendly.
The kids meals came first and both of my boys just loved their choices and the kids fish meal was HUGE. A waiter came with a plate of duck and I said it was not ours. My husband's fish came and then waiter said he had made a mistake and my jerk grill would be out in 10 minutes. My husband had ordered the wahoo grilled, it came pan fried. Not a big deal, he liked it. My husband wanted to wait for me but I insisted that he eat because I didn't want him eating cold fish. I honestly don't know how long it took for my food to come out, but one of my kids was done with his already. It looked delicious. I cut into it and it was blood red. I had ordered med-well, well. I felt bad, but just could not eat it. I tried. I sent it back and said that I would just have them package it to go because my 6 and 7 year old were already done and my husband was finishing up and I didn't want everyone to be sitting around watching me eat. The waiter offered me a free drink, I had been in the sun all day and really just wanted the water that I had but ordered a diet coke that my son ended up drinking while waiting for my food to cook again. It came back out and I needed to remind him that I was taking it to go. We got my food and the other left overs packaged up. We waited some more and got the bill. It was $65. I know this is not an expensive meal for many people, but it was a lot of money for us considering I didn't even get to eat my meal. I was really surprised that we were charged for my meal. I got home and plopped my meal on to a plate, cut into it, it was still blood red. I heated it in the microwave for a minute and was able to eat about half of it. The flavor was delicious.
I am just so disappointed because I was really, really looking forward to this meal.

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