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Default B55-Another Favorite!

B55 is one of the places that we just hadn't made it to last year. We went there last night and am SO glad that we did! My husband wasn't sure about it because we got there and it was dead. It was about 7:30 and we were literally the only one's in the parking lot. I think they had the bbq earlier and maybe that is why. People starting trickling in as we ate.
My husband ordered the Catch of the Day Aruban Style
I ordered the Chicken Hawaii
Kids ordered , kid fish and kid chicken
Me and the kids ordered soda and my husband had scotch on the rocks
The kids got coloring books to use while we waited.
The portions were huge and delicious. Lots of yummy side things: baked potato, rice, plantain, small salad with cabbage. I HATE cabbage but liked the dressing so much I tried to choke it down-my husband ended up finishing it once I ate the tomatoes and gave up on acquiring a taste for cabbage!
Total came to $58 plus tip
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