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I Love Aruba Re: Not all change is for the better!!

I must disagree with what you said and what the other poster said about the Divi Phoenix being "just another Palm Beach resort." Untrue on both counts.

Try owning at the Marriott, where it is now virtually impossible to get a Palapa or a decent poolside lounge chair. I don't rent there anymore as I did for seven consecutive visits. I did stop by during the week after Easter to visit friends there, and they hadn't even been assigned to a unit yet and were still staying at the hotel. The lazy river was jammed, the beach overcrowded and so many people at the bar and Captain's Galley that they couldn't even get the attention of wait staff. One woman told me she was waiting over 45 minutes just to get a drink for her child.

No thanks. The Divi Phoenix is much better. Not overrun by unruly "tweens" not controlled by their parents and not over-crowded at all by high-rise standards.

What's wrong with the name "Pure Beach"? After all, it's right on the beach, is it not? Come on, lighten up! Try MooMbas if you want lousy, rude service. Then perhaps you'll come to appreciate the better end of the high-rise strip.
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