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Default Re: Not all change is for the better!!

Chacun a son goute, as we say around here. I've never tried the Marriott, but I know how crowded that end of the beach gets, as we walk up there every day we're here. We did stay at the Playa Linda (where there have been fist fights over palapas, or "chikees" as they are known up there) before we bought here, and I can see that the Phoenix is heading more that way than like, say, the Bucuti.

Perhaps the Phoenix is not yet "overrun by unruly "tweens" not controlled by their parents and not over-crowded at all by high-rise standards", but with the new addition, which is not yet full, it is certainly on its way, in my view, comparing 2010 with previous years. All those new units and virtually nothing in the way of decent beach to accommodate everyone: it's not going to get less crowded.

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