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Default Re: renovations assessment

Originally Posted by roschone View Post
Yes, we have that first contract - don't go, don't pay. And we have never taken advantage of it because we always go. So, so much for that. I have a similar contract for our 2nd week, but without the no go no pay clause. I'm not crazy about the RCI points contract or the floating week thing either. But that could just be because they confuse the hell out of me (not a hard thing to do). I like knowing when we're going every year and exactly what room we'll be in. All I wanna have to do is pay the bill, and go. But that's just me.

And what on earth can they be thinking at Divi offering a measly $1000 for our contracts? At first I thought it must be my eyes. But no. Are they KIDDING? Jesus, all they need is a gun and mask!!!!

I'm with you. I like to know when we are going each year (same time/same room). Don't like the idea of Divi telling me when I can and cannot go. I just went to the Divi Website and it says bills are sent out in April of the previous year of travel......that's new!!, and has never happened in the past. Change the rules as we go along, but still not due until 6 months before travel. Do they think we will forget about it??
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