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Default Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

divi has several timeshares. the golf resort is one in the low rise area. the phoenix is at the end of the high rise area toward the low rises. they are both great as is playa linda and costa linda where i own. you need to travel around on another visit and decide what you want in a timeshare. there are so many excellent choices. do take the time to research it.

keep asking us questions. you will find enough answers to drive you both crazy and toward your goal, lol.

Originally Posted by emky View Post
Thank you so very much for your response and your very much appreciated advice. I am a person who'd rather research something to death before making a move so I am 100% confident in taking the next step. I guess I just needed some direction on how to research lol. You have guided me there! Thanks!!! I actually have a "friend" via FB that has a timeshare at the Costa Linda. I will check their site out too. Have heard very good things about the Playa too. Is the Divi the golf resort? I think I remember driving by. Thanks again : )
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