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Default Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

HI! I am an owner at the Surf Club. First, I would like to say, even though it gets crowded at times it is still the best place on Palm Beach. Second, do not believe most things the Marriott's salesperson will tell you. We were told we "bought" the second building...wrong! We have been put in all the buildings. We were told we "bought" ocean view pool side...wrong! They actually put us on the Ocean Club side where the only view of the ocean was over the top of the Ocean Club building. We were told it was easy to use Interval International to exchange weeks...wrong! Too long to explain...We were told there would be a larger "grocery type" store built under the third building...wrong! We were told we could exchange our week for Marriott points...correct, but read on... They will give me 110,000 points for my week BUT to use points for the same villa in a different week it would take 240,000 points and the points they would give me could NOT be used to apply to the 240,000 points needed to rent. The points could only be used for a HOTEL rental.
Lastly, they are building a Ritz-Carlton next to the Marriott. Talk about over crowding...
But after all is said and done...we love Aruba...we love the Surf Club...
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