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I Love Aruba Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

Hi Emkey -
Very good post and always a hot topic. All replies listed provide good perspectives....although I don't totally agree, especially with the point issue or other points about the sales people.
UNLIKE SOME TIMESHARES what is nice about the Marriott is YOU ARE NOT BUYING A SPECIFIC UNIT, even though your contract and deed will specify one. You are buying into whichever season and as long as you are organized and plan your vacation, most likely you will wind up with a much nicer location than if you had to purchase it outright - BECAUSE THEY ARE MOSTLY SOLD.

Here's our reality and we have been very pleased.
Whether you purchase direct from Marriott or from a private the way, from my perspective the Marriott Surf Club is the best property on Palm Beach and I say that having gone on tours and trying to be objective with the other timeshare properties.
Marriott always has a great promo, however there are other options if you are looking more for a deal. THE ONLY THING YOU GIVE UP IS THE POINTS THEY OFFER IF YOU PURCHASED ON THE SPOT.
Check out this site:

Aruba Ocean Club Resale Listings

It offers Surf Club as well as Ocean Club and I HAVE SPOKEN TO MARRIOTT MGMT about this issue as at first glance you would think they would frown as this cuts directly into their sales force's ability to make the sell. Anyway, you're doing the right thing by getting as much info as possible and with this economy and the right deals you could really land a nice windfall.

Good luck!!!!
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