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I Love Aruba Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

I agree with just about all of what has already been said. You are wise to do your research and this forum is a valuable tool. We bought our Marriott Ocean Club unit about 10 years again and have mostly been satisfied. If you want to go to Aruba during the slower times, you probably won't have any problems, but if you want to go during the very busy season, you may not be able to book the week you want. Aruba is one of Marriotts hottest resort locations and in high demand. The earliest week I could get for 2011 was the first week of April. I think I would rather have a week I can count on every year. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20. After going to Aruba for 8 years, we finally decided to spend a week down on Eagle Beach. We fell in love with it. My advice would be to go to Aruba a few time and stay in different places on both Eagle and Palm Beaches. Talk to owners of the resorts you stay at and see what they think. Good luck!

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