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Default Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

I own three units at the Marriott Surf Club, all in gold season (around 1 May to Dec 15). It costs more if you want platinum season and the holiday weeks. I always use the lock-off option, usually trading the lockoff to go somewhere else. Because I own multiple units, I can book 13 months out if booking back-to-back. You can lock off, then book the master suite one week and the lock-off the next, getting two weeks together. They will move your luggage, hanging clothes on hangers, bagged food in fridge on moving day, so you can relax and not have to babysit your stuff or check it with the valet. When I've traded the lock-off to another Marriott vacation club, I've often been upgraded to a one-bedroom suite. I really love the location, as I rarely bother with a rental car, and can walk to shops and restaurants along the road that runs along the hotels and timeshares on Palm Beach, have drinks and not worry about driving back! As I'm usually traveling alone, I don't worry about being "stuck" in the room at night, as I might if I was in the Eagle Beach area, which has some restaurants, but nothing else to do in the evening unless you take a bus or cab somewhere else. I book for two weeks in May, two in the summer (the lockoffs to trade) and two weeks in November. May and November aren't crowded. As others have suggested, I'd look around and recommend booking another trip to Aruba to check out the properties before you buy. Marriott offers "preview" packages to get you to try the property. Here's one for 5 days/4 nights at $449 (total, not per person!)
Marriott's Aruba Surf Club - Palm Beach, Aruba Vacation Packages - Marriott Vacation Club

I've taken advantage of preview packages for the Marriott vacation clubs at Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.

Good luck. Hope you come back to Aruba, one way or another!
Lynda (aka Weed)
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