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Default Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

Emky - we own three weeks at Surf Club and really enjoy it. I think you may enjoy a visit to the bulletin board at where you can get some good information on Marriott timeshare ownership as well as other timeshares. On the board, if someone has specific questions about Aruba they send people on over to this board. But in this case you may want to stop on by where there is a lively discussion on timeshare ownership particularly there are rumors of some internal exchange changes that may be in the works to be unveiled in June. We love our timeshares and have also traded them in for visits to Antigua and coming soon, St. Thomas. Regardless of our visits to other islands we always compare them to how much we love Aruba. One question I have about your post was you mentioned a 2 bedroom Oceanview lockout. Just want to clarify - did it have a master bedroom suite and a guest room lockout with queen? That's the standard 2 bedroom at Surf Club. There are also 3 bedroom/3 bath Oceanview units that lock out and have a master suite and a second bedroom with two queens in it. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Aruba.
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