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Smile Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

All valid points made.

No one mentioned the maintenance fees however. All time shares charge an annual maintenance fee. If there are problems or they run out of money there are additional fees charged to the owners called "special assessments". I believe the owners at the Marriott Ocean club and La Cabana had a special assessment recently.

Maintenance fees at the Surf club seem high to me. To us, it was not worth $26000 down and $1400 a year for a week at the surf club.. Thats just us though.

We do own a timeshare-- in Las Vegas. The maintenance fees there are up to $450 a year now(2 br). We have successfully traded that TS through RCI for one in Aruba 7 times including this October at the Costa Linda. We also rented a week in a 1 br this year(oct) at the Playa Linda for $850. We have rented a week a couple of years at Costa Linda (2br), once for $950 and another for $1150. 3 years ago we rented a 1 br at Aruba Beach club for $650 and my sis got a studio the same week for $500. Last year I got a week at the Renaissance ocean suites(1br memorial day week) on Ebay for $445.

We have looked at buying a TS in Aruba several times, but it just doesnt seem to make financial sense to us when there are hundreds of weeks for rent at any given time. More this year than in previous years. Probably due to the economy.

We are very flexable in regard to when we can go on vacation, so having a certain week is not at all important to us.
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