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Smile Re: Timeshare inquiry at Marriott Surf Club

Originally Posted by iamromo View Post
We own at the Surf Club and agree that the the yearly fee is way too high. The only advantage is when you trade. A Marriott TS in Aruba trades for a premium any place else.

Also, you basically did the right thing. The saying, "buy low, trade high" applies here. Can't count the number of people I have talked to on the beach that paid far less somewhere else, but trade every year for Aruba.
We have had no problems trading out time share. We have even gotten 3 extra weeks from RCI over the years. We have traded our week for a week in San Diego, a week at St Pete Beach, Fl, a week in Orlando, a week in Maui, a week in Branson and a week at Hilton Head as well as our trades to Aruba.
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