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Default Re: Hospitalized in Aruba...Have no fear!

doctorv, i tend to agree with ro although i totally understand what you are saying. having several doctors, including surgeons, as friends and listening to their rants about hospital care in maryland i have to say that aruba is not alone. they also have a smaller pool of physicians and much smaller salaries than hospital employees in the states. my father in law was a hospital mistake here years ago and my friend who is a surgeon at that same hospital states that in his opinion not much has improved, including drug addition, alcoholism and many other problems. in the states it is too many people working stressful jobs and having to do too many procedures just to cover their malpractice insurance. on aruba it's too few people working too many jobs for barely adequate salaries.

it is sad but getting good care anywhere is a crap shoot and on a small island it is even tougher.

Originally Posted by roschone View Post
doctorv - I agree with you about the fear factor. I can also sympathize with your experience, more than you know. But I wouldn't say that it is unique to Aruba by any stretch of the imagination. Apart from the drinking issue you mentioned, everything that happened to you in Aruba has happened to me here in the US, and in several very reputable hospitals in New York I might add. My mother has been hospitalized many times, and the care ranged from good to downright negligent. Where doctors are like figments of the imagination. Nurses with such a bad attitude, that it should be downright illegal. One time, we had to hire a private nurse (not a cheap solution) because the nursing staff made so many mistakes, scary ones - like missing medication, tubing issues etc.- and they were so overworked and so nasty, we were honestly afraid to leave her there overnight. Outright refusal when my mother had to go to the bathroom, scolding her to learn how to hold it in - how humiliating. My mother is not a child, she's not a complainer and she has all her brain cells. She was simply injured and unable to walk without assistance. And of course, she certainly knows when she can "hold it in" or not. We reported that nurse, but the next one she got wasn't much better, and kind of annoyed with us for reporting the last one.

I'm not saying this has been my experience every time, but honestly, we've had more bad experiences than good ones at least with post-op care. Most of the time we are horrified, and sometimes we are pleasantly surprised. We have definitely learned to be very proactive and let them know that there is a family presence and we're watching. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what these poor patients without any family do. Imagine if you weren't there for your father. Our best experiences are with the ER, ICU and same-day surgery units. Our worst and scariest experiences are with post-op cardiac and orthopedic units. For sure, if you ever have a situation that is non-emergent and you have a choice, never ever schedule any kind of surgery over a holiday or even a weekend. Talk about bottom of the barrel.

Unfortunately, your experience is not limited to Aruba. Sorry for venting, and I do hope your father is recovering well.
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