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Default Re: Hospitalized in Aruba...Have no fear!

I re-read the whole thread...including the posts that I made in late 2008.
We went to Aruba in September, 2009.
The visit was still tainted a bit with the events of the previous year, but we made it without incident.
I still choose to believe that Oduber hospital did what they could for our friend. After a month of hospitalization (and a couple surgeries), our friend expired in Miami 6 weeks after being airlifted from Aruba.
One strange thing...his "class ring" from Notre Dame University disappeared somewhere. His family said it was not there when he got to the Miami hospital. I hate the thoughts that someone in Aruba was responsible.

Regarding hospitalizations in general, it is certainly best if a family member or friend can monitor what is going on. My wife, now a retired nurse, has monitored my hospital visits.
She had a "less than 24 hour - overnight stay" in a result of an erratic heart beat. They could not find anything wrong. I felt helpless.

Oh yes, the bill for about 18 hours was $7000. Thank God for good insurance!
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