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Default Re: Napa-San Fran-Yosemite-Las Vegas-Sedona-Grand Canyon-Bryce NP-Moab-Salt Lake-Rapi

Originally Posted by ArubaMilie View Post
We had a great time!!

Enjoy your trip to San Fran!

Yes I am! Can't believe it's going on 2 years since she left us :-(
I can't believe it either! I was just online with a friend from Conneticut Jodi, whom I met on the BB and we met up in Aruba. We had a BB party with Lennie, Marlene & Mark, Jodi her hubby, My family and a few others at Pinchos in 04. We had a great time and it was beautiful there. Lennie was the center of converstaion that night. She had all the answers and everyone was listening to her talk about Aruba. I miss her! It is so strange but I live on the west coast, and met Lennie first through the BB and then in person in Aruba. As we were talking I told her of my family and that my SIL&BIL that lived in NY. As it turned out she know's my BIL's family and has for decades. Such a small world...I am now mourning the loss of my BIL who passed on May 16th. He mentioned to me how he remembered Lennie. Truly a small world!
Aruba, no other place like it!

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